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Gil Guzman


Crimson Illustrated Publisher/Editor/Blogger

Gil Guzman
is a  College Sports fan and founder of Crimson Illustrated.  In addition to serving as  Publisher/Editor/Blogger for Crimson Illustrated, he's been an I.T. professional for over 30 years.  When not  blogging about sports, you can find him indulging in classic rock, guitar, political commentary, wine making, and cognitive/quantum technologies.  

His first career aspirations were to be a Formula 1 race car driver and pastry chef.

Jaime Guzman


Crimson Illustrated Photographer

Jaime Guzman is a freelance photograher specializing in sports and portrait photography.  A Nikon aficionado, his photos have been featured in several media publications.  An audiophile since the Victrola was first introduced, his side interests are sitcoms, Greek mythology, and locating the ultimate cheeseburger or Chinese food restaurant.

His first career aspirations were to be a SAT/ACT tutor and skyscraper window washer.

Guest Sports Blogger


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